Here come the animals! LISTEN!

Learning to Listen Sounds Series
Book 1 - Animals (domestic and wild)

Bright inviting pictures with repetitive phrases to highlight Learning to Listen Sounds related to animals, domestic and wild. Helpful for early vocabulary development.

Learning to Listen Sounds are a set of sounds commonly associated with everyday nouns and verbs. This book focuses on sounds we associate with animals that can be pets or that live in the wild.

fish – swish, swish, swish
bear – grr-grr
lion – rroar-rroar
dog – bow-wow, ruff-ruff

These sounds are frequently used to help children with cochlear implants or hearing aids focus on learning to listen. The books are age appropriate for a “listening age” of 12 – 18 months. The content is also suitable for late talkers, kids making only gestures, learning English vocabulary and young children’s first exposure to reading. You will find simple repetitive phrases with simple hand-drawn pictures. Farm animals are featured in Book 2 of the series.

Published by: Zinger Book Zoo
ISBN: 9781364508692